Various versions of these letters are in existence ,as copies were distributed at various times by the late Hattie Terry (Kansas) and Ruth Terry Preston (Texas). I have copies given to me by both, with permission to reproduce from the latter. In the mid 1990’s Terry cousin, Jed D. Terry compiled, annotated, and printed the letters (along with photos, documents, etc.) into two volumes titled, The Terry Family Letters. Springfield: Jed D. Terry, 1996. This collection can be found in several academic and local history libraries.

The letters are specific to William and Barbara Terry and his children, and since his sons Martin and John married Reed sisters, a collection of some letters between Reed descendents. They date from 1848 to 1868. They represent communications from the family in Texas and the family left behind in NW Arkansas and later SW Missouri.
The index is a work in process, so may not be complete as to names or identifications. Family related names are marked with an * and others identified as possible from other sources. Collateral names into which children married include Harp, Waltrip, Ennis, Woodard/Woodward, Gutry/Guthrie, Riddle, Reed and Newberry/Newbery.

19 Dec 1948
Enoch Harp*
Elijah Waltrip*
Martin Terry *
Joseph Dennis
John Terry*
Brother (Thomas) Standford – Methodist Minister
Brother (Russell M.) Morgan – Methodist Minister
Neal Dennis
Thomas Terry*
Brother (John) Harrol – Methodist Minister
John Wright
Fletcher Terry*
Joseph Reed*
7 April 1852
Jo Bohannon*
John Ennis*
Josiah Terry*
Martin Terry*
6 May 1854
William Harp*
William Gutry*
Elisha Ennis*
Elisha Terry*
8 July 1855
Martin Terry*
William Harp*
William Gutry*
18 July 1857
Isaac Guest
Martin Terry*
31 July 1857
Joseph Terry*
17 Nov 1858
Elisha Ennis*
Betsy Woodward*
Martin Terry*
Serena (Terry) Newberry*
William Terry*
Mother Terry*
Wm Harp*
Elisha Ennis*
Matilda (Terry) Ennis*
9 July 1871
William Ennis*
Martin ennis*
Wm Harp*
Nancy Ennis*
9 Nov. 1877
Matilda Terry*
Bill Terry*
Martin Terry*
10 August 1852
This letter contained political news as to people running for offices in NW Arkansas.
John Reed*
Hon. Joseph McMurry
Col. Blackburn
Gen. John Wood Jr.
John Long
Capt C.M. Johnson
Geo. Sanders
Gen. Jo Wood
Co. Benjamin Vaughn (Sheriff)
Henderson Bohannon*
10 July 1854 (Madison Co., Ark)
Lucinda Terry*
Fines Ewan Terry*
Tho. McGinnis
T.M. Johnson
Sarah Terry*
James Miller Terry*
Dr. S.L. Sanders
Elizabeth (Terry) Bohannon
William Terry*
Judge Berry
Jane Terry*
Clark Terry*
Gen. S. Wood
Dr. G.W. Forrest
10 Jan. 1855
Joel German
John Reed*
Elizabeth Woodward*
25 Dec. 1854
James Miller Terry*
15 Jan 1856
Mary Ann Reed Terry*
27 Feb. 1856
Joseph Terry*
Elizabeth (Terry) Woodward*
Major Middleston Tuttle
20 Dec. 1859 (Washington Co., Ark)
John Johnson
James Dickeson
Thomas Harp*
Bryant Smithson
John Homesley
James Sutton
Jack McGuire
John James
(late) 1867 (Newton Co., Mo)
Polly Reed*
Sarah Terry*
Lorenzo Dow Terry*
Betsy Woodard*
20 March 1882 (Purdy, Barry Co., Mo)
J.W. Riddle*
Nancy Harp*
Elizabeth Waltrip*
Betsy Woodard*
Matilda Ennis*
27 Sept 1867
John K. Terry*
Hetty Waltrip*
Millard Terry*
Marthay Waltrip*
Milburn Terry*
Nancy Waltrip*
Lige Waltrip*

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