HUDSON : Hudson, Hill, Waters, Easley

In Butler Co., Mo, most probably around 1910-15.
Left to right: Albert Easley, Victoria Waters Hudson Easley, child is a Hill, man in hat is Hill, Elizabeth Hudson Hill, Louis Eugene Hudson, Jess Hudson, unknown, unknown (maybe Alonzo Waters??)

TERRY: Roy D. Terry

My favorite picture of him.

HUDSON: Louis Eugene Hudson and wife


Celebrating their birthdays in the 1980's, the sisters paused to have their photo taken with a painting Elva had recently done. On the left is Velma Dora Cochren Priest Terry and on the right is Elva Cochren Merry.

BROWN: Children of John Brown

Reverse: Happy New Year to Aunt Annie and Uncle George from Evart, 4; Margylee,2 yrs 10 monthes; Roberta 1." These were children of John Brown's 2nd marriage.


Annie Brown Cochren Willard, with unknown woman (can anyone identify?). Is it possible this is a Pew.


John FENTON was born in 1798 in Loudon Co., VA. He died on 10 Nov 1853 in Kirkville, Wapello Co., IA. He was buried in Westview Cemetery, Kirkville, IA.
He was married to Lucinda KIRKPATRICK on 12 Nov 1829 in Guernsey Co. Ohio. Children were: Sarah FENTON, Thomas FENTON , Mary FENTON, John Henry FENTON , Martha FENTON, Hannah FENTON , Eliza FENTON, Angelina FENTON , Emilina FENTON, Margaret FENTON .

John Henry FENTON was born on 24 Nov 1836 in IL. He died on 14 Feb 1908 in Sylvia, Reno Co. KS. (33) It is family record that John's middle name was Henry. So far I have uncovered no documentation for this. Parents: John FENTON and Lucinda KIRKPATRICK.

He was married to Eliza Jane MORTIMORE on 6 Dec 1857 in Wapello Co., IA. Children were: Ruhamah Isadora FENTON, Richard Watson FENTON, Wesley John FENTON, William McKendrick FENTON, Elsie Luella FENTON , Elmer Elton FENTON, Plemworth Mortimore FENTON, Francis Leroy FENTON, Fred Ernest FENTON, L. Burton FENTON.

It is believed John Sr. was the descendent of Enoch Fenton of Frederick Co., Va.


George D. Cochren and his brothers. The badges are unidentified. Reno Co., Kansas probably.

COCHREN: George Valjean Cochren

The uncle we never knew.
Known as "Val", he left home as a young man, was known to have been in California around 1961, but no other information was ever found as to his whereabouts. This image may have been taken in Missouri, Kansas, or perhaps Nebraska.


Unknown if Brown or Cochren. Back of image indicates photographer was from La Cygne, Kansas.

BROWN: John Brown

On the reverse: Franklin Evart Brown, age 6; Emma Margylee Brown, age 4; Roberta Ruhama Brown, age 3.

"Grandma Willard": Annie Brown King Cochren Willard

After George Cochren died of cancer in Kansas, Annie moved with her youngest son to Missouri where her youngest daughter was living with her family. She found work as a housekeeper for a widower named Dan Willard. They married and in a few years moved from the Ozarks to Nebraska.

BROWN: Chet Brown

COCHREN : Hazel Cochren

Daughter of John Cochren

Plevna, Kansas Train Depor ca. 1920

Plevna, Ks School Children ca 1920s

It is likely the Cochren children: Elva, Velma "Dora", and George Valjean are in this lineup of children.

"Professor Stanley Tenent"--Plevna, Kansas

The first girl may be Elva Cochren but the man was identified as one of the teachers.

Plevna,Reno Co.,Kansas

Reno County was home to the Brown family and the Cochren family from the late 1800's into the first early decades of the 1900's. The family of George Daniel Cochren and Annie B. Brown Cochren lived in Plevna from about 1912 through 1935. George worked as a farmer, with brothers and father, but then became the custodian of the school. These pictures show the school - some of the children are thought to be either one or several of the Cochren children: Elva, Velma Dora, and George Valjean...


Annie Brown Cochren and Valjean Cochren

Taken one summer day in the yard of their house in Plevna, Reno Co., Kansas. The cat was a member of the family as well.

She married (3) DAN WILLARD. She married (1) PERRY M. KING. She married (2) GEORGE DANIEL COCHREN July 16, 1912 in WICHITA, KANSAS, son of NEWTON JASPER COCHREN and LUCINDA DRAKE. He was born September 25, 1876 in MUNCIE, INDIANA, and died October 09, 1931 in HUTCHINSON, KANSAS.

Marriage: July 16, 1912, WICHITA, KANSAS

Children of ANNE BROWN and GEORGE COCHREN are:


Marvin Jesse Hudson

Eldest son of Jess Hudson and Effie Algerty Hudson. Seen here in his WW2 army uniform.


The Victorian era saw the birth and development of photography. It was a common practice for people to often take a photograph of a departed loved one as a way to remember them, to share with family members unable to be there for te goodbye, and to share with future generations a special person. The beautiful gifts of flowers, the casket, and the loved ones were captured on film. The gravesite, the cemetery and guests were captured as a memorial and memory of a very special and precious time. The practice began to loose favor after the 1940's but continued for many of the same reasons mentioned above.
Social attitudes shifted after the 1940's removing people from many of the attitudes taken as normal earlier and the practice was seen as too morbid or real for healthy grieving. Authorities are now revisiting that earlier decree and indicating anything that can help someone through their sorrow can be beneficial. These images - called Post-mortem photography, memorial portraiture, or memento mori - have a place in history and in family history. They tell us of an ancestors love and respect for a family member. Morever, they allow us to remember and honor someone who has gone before.
Memento Mori page link.

Effie Algerty Ray Conner

Before her marriage to Jess Hudson, Effie Ray was married to a Jess Conner in southern Missouri. She had two children: Clifford Leroy Conner (Jan.7,1912-April 15, 1917) and Freman "Red" Conner. Clifford probably died from the influenza that swept across the country killing many, many people.

Cochren Sisters

Elva Cochren Merry and her younger sister Velma Cochren Terry, ca. late 1940's or early 1950's. Both women had contributed to the war effort in factory work. Velma had been a regular "Rosie the Riveter" in a Wichita, Kansas aircraft assembly plant. Each year the two sisters would get together for a 'girls only' event of visiting, shopping, and picture taking. The aprons were probably hand made by their mother, Annie Brown Cochren Willard, who continued to make quilts and her beloved aprons until just before her death in 1961 in Nebraska. Annie loved aprons and would make them for each season and in every color or pattern.

George Valjean Cochren

Brown-Buggln Family, Reno County, Kansas

On the back of the image was written:" Uncle Charlie on the right; Aunt Ethel standing; Uncle Frank on the left, who died at 19 years and was engaged to be married."

This would mean the people were Charles Buggln, his wife Ethel Brown Buggln, and her brother, Frank Brown of Reno County, Kansas.

Wesley Terry Family, c. 1930's

Barry County, Missouri.
Left to right: Back row-Roy Terry (in tie), Claud Terry, Edna Boyd Terry, Wesley Terry (in hat), Opal Terry (in white), Pearl Terry; Front row (Left to right) -Lola Terry, Ada (aka 'Halfpint') Terry, Clyde Terry, and Edith Terry.


Jess Hudson ca. 1911

Probably taken in Poplar Bluffs, Missouri.

1880 census for Mound City (vol. 47, E.D. 89, sheet 7, line 25):
Hudson, William b. 1827, VA
Hudson, Emily, b. 1847, Ind (wife)
Hudson, Lewis, b. 1870, Ind (son)
Hudson, Millie, b. 1871, Ind (daughter)
Kane, Benjamin, b. 1866, Ind (stepson)

Louis Hudson and Victoria Waters Hudson. Their son, Jess was born in 1890 in Villa Ridge, Pulaski Co., Ill.
Jess, b, 1890, Villa Ridge, ILL.; d. 1929, Bristow, Ok
Elizabeth b. ca. 1885, ILL; d. 1917, Mo.
Louis E. b. 1896, Cairo, Ill.


Children of Effie Hudson

The sons of Effie Ray Hudson L to R: Freeman Conner "Red", Marvin Jesse Hudson, and Curtis Ray Hudson. Photo taken circa 1935.

Hudson Family ca. 1925

Taken in Okmulgee or Bristow. Standing is Effie Algerty Ray Hudson, seated L to R : Jesse Marvin Hudson, Jess Hudson, Freemon "Red" Conner.

Terry Family 1987

Taken over Thanksgiving in Wellington, Kansas.
Seated is Roy D. Terry and his wife Velma. Their children: Dennis, Marilyn, and Gary. This would be one of the last group shots taken before Roy died.

Mortimore-Fenton Family

Eliza Jane Mortimore and her husband John Henry Fenton.

John Henry FENTON was born on 24 Nov 1836 in IL. He died on 14 Feb 1908 in Sylvia, Reno Co. KS. It is family record that John's middle name was Henry. So far I have uncovered no documentation for this, reports Dennis Terry. Parents: John FENTON and Lucinda KIRKPATRICK.

He was married to Eliza Jane MORTIMORE on 6 Dec 1857 in Wapello Co., IA. Children were: Ruhamah Isadora FENTON, Richard Watson FENTON, Wesley John FENTON, William McKendrick FENTON, Elsie Luella FENTON , Elmer Elton FENTON, Plemworth Mortimore FENTON, Francis Leroy FENTON, Fred Ernest FENTON, L. Burton FENTON.

Thomas Plemworth MORTIMORE, father of Eliza Jane MORTIMORE, was born on 2 Oct 1803 in Guilford Co. NC. (49) He died on 6 Jan 1870 in Miami Co. KS. (50) Parents: David MORTIMORE and HANNAH. He was married to Patsey DESHIL on 5 Nov 1826 in Fayette Co., OH. Children were: William MORTIMORE , Elizabeth MORTIMORE, David MORTIMORE, Eliza Jane MORTIMORE, Mary MORTIMORE, Patsey MORTIMORE.

Huner or Homer: Margaret from Hesse-Kesel, Germany

The biographical entry in The History of Colorado lists her name as Huner, others suggest Homer, and given the fact she came from Germany Huner is likely the better name since that was given by her son Frederick NINER to his family.
She married Henry Niner (Neiner, Nyner on various census records) after both crossed to America ca. 1840.

One daughter Margaret married in Cooperstown a Wm S. Boyd and moved to Missouri.

The 1850 Franklin, Allegheny Co., PA Census lists Henry b. 1815 Germany; Margaret as b 1816 Ger ;with children George 7 b. MD and Geo 6, b. PA (two boys both named George and went by their middle names).

1860 Cooperstown, Venango Co., Census lists
Henry Nyner 43, b. PA
Margaret 43
George Crothet (sp?) 17
George Nyner 14
Fred 12
Barbara 10
Margaret 8
georgiana 6
Wm 4
Mary A. 2 (this may be the Margaret who marries Wm Boyd)

Henry Niner

Henry Niner born 1825 in Hesse Kassel, Germany; d.1888, PA; Margaret HUNER born 1825 in Hesse Kassel, Germany; d. 1898,PA. They married in the United States according to a biography of son Frederick in The History of Colorado.

George b.1845>USA>PA married Adaline Coltar
Frederick b.1848>USA>PA >d.CO
Margaret A. b.1850>USA>PA >md BOYD
Cenie b.1857>USA>PA
William b.1858>USA>PA
Mary b.1859>USA>PA.


Father: William S. BOYD
Birth: 22 April 1842 in Pennsylvania
Death: 20 Oct. 1921 in Purdy, Barry Co., Mo
Parents - Father: Hans W. BOYD; Mother: Sallie Ann ROBBINS

Marriage: 2 Dec. 1870 in Cooperstown, Venango, PA

Mother: Margaret NINER
Birth: 1852 July in Pa
Death: before 1920 in Barry Co., Mo
Parents - Father: Henry NINER; Mother: Margaret HOMER or HUNER


Child No. 1: Sena Ameline BOYD
Birth: 14 Aug 1874 in Pa
Death: 5 April 1949 in Barry Co., Mo
Marriage: ca 1889 in Barry Co., Mo
Spouse: Charles Reuben PRIEST

Child No. 2: Myrtle L. BOYD
Birth: Feb. 1881 in Pa
Marriage: April 15, 1900 in Barry Co., Mo
Spouse: Robert S. TERRY

Child No. 3: Bertha BOYD
Birth: 1885 in Mo

Child No. 4: Edna Maggie BOYD
Birth: 22 Jan 1888 in Barry Co., Mo
Death: 6 Feb 1970 in Newton Co., Mo
Marriage: 7 Feb 1906 in Barry Co., Mo
Spouse: Wesley Sartin TERRY

Child No. 5: Archie BOYD
Birth: Dec 1892

Child No. 6: William S. Jr. BOYD
Birth: Dec. 1892

Child No. 7: Junie BOYD
Birth: 1895 in Mo

Child No. 8: Perry D. BOYD
Birth: May 1898 in Mo

Documentation: Includes known Family history and Federal Census Records: Child 1 in Flat Creek Twp, Barry Co., Mo 1910 & 1920 Census; child # 7 1920 Flat Creek Twp; William S. Boyd and wife 1910 Liberty Twp, Barry Co., MO and 1920 McDonald twp.; Margaret & William on Pa Census records. Notes: William's line is traced back to County Down, Ireland and Margaret's to Hesse-Kassel, Germany.

Thanks to the person who sent me this; I have lost your email but did have this.

MOORE Family of Carroll Co., Ark

Pictured are (L to R): Elizabeth Ann VanScyoc Moore, Linda Moore, Unidentified male, Virginia Mae Moore, and unidentified male.

Males are probably Robert or J.M.

RAY: Effie Algerty Ray Conner Hudson

Effie was born in Illinois, daughter of Drury Ray and Harriet Rowe. She married first a Jesse W. Conner who died leaving her with one son. She married next Jess Hudson with whom she had Marvin, Curtis, and one girl who died. After Jess died in a gas explosion in Bristow, Ok in 1929 she married a man named Tucker. She died in Kansas in 1972.

HUDSON: Early Oklahoma History

Teams were used to haul large and small loads. Here Jess Hudson's team is hitched up to move one of the massive boilers used in the oil field and supportive work. Standing by the boiler is Jess's stepson, "Red" Conner, and on the back of one of the horses is Marvin Hudson, Jess's son. Jess, it is believed, is the man standing closest to the boy on the horses. The photography from this time period is marred by its tendency to fade and yellow - just as this image has. The historical and genealogical value of the images makes them too important to not preserve. Often, the men who made the oil fields 'work' and brought wealth to others had a harder 'row to hoe.' These 'forgotten Americans' are what history and genealogy are all about.

Hudson: Early Oklahoma Oil History

Jess Hudson, seen in the flat brimmed hat, using his teams to raise the mast on cable tool drilling rig during the 1920's [text from back of picture].
In the background, you can note another rig has already gone up. Once again, the other two men are unidentified.


Jess Hudson (shown in the flat brimmed hat by the pole) was a teamster and came to Oklahoma as the mining, forestry, and oil businesses were beginning to grow. He worked in forestry for a while but the wages in the oil industry were higher. Here he is shown with his team and crew with a portable pulling mast,used to erect cable tool rigs. Location and other men are unknown.

HUDSON: Early Oklahoma History

Ca. 1920, probably around Okmulgee or Bristow, note the landscape. Oil was booming and work was plentiful and highly paid by comparison. The Hudson's left Poplar Bluff, Mo in 1917 in a wagon drawn by his team of hauling/work horses. They lived in a tent for a year or so and finally worked their way up to a basic wood house. Note the chickens in the yard and the brand new guns (play or real?). Mom is seen to the right. The boys are "Red" Conner (Effie Hudson's son from her first marriage) and son Marvin Hudson, older brother of Curtis Hudson.

Moore Homestead: View of the Land

Notice the rocky outcropping framed in this shot. The land was low-lying and rich as pasture land but a bit more challenging for plowing, as the rock indicates. The Moore family is buried in Morland Cemetery.

Moore Homestead, Carroll Co., Ark

This barn was part of the original homestead of the Moore family in Grandview, Carroll Co., Ark around 1900. In 1995 it was still standing. It had been the farm of John Moore and then his son Floyd.


Carroll County Times, dated 4-10-84:
"Services for Floyd Leo Moore, 80, of Route 5, Berryville in the Grandview community, were held Monday, April 16, at the Nelson Chapel, Berryville, with the Rev. Dean Smith officiating. Burial was in the Moreland Cemetery under the
direction of the Nelson Funeral Services.

Mr. Moore was born July 18, 1903 in Carroll County, a son of John M. and Mary Ann (Warren) Moore, and died Wednesday, April 11, at his home. He was a farmer.

He was married on November 21, 1925 to Elizabeth Van Scyoc and they were the
parents of four children.

Survivors include his wife, Elizabeth Moore of the home; three sons, Robert
Moore of Eureka Springs, J. M. Moore of California, and Floyd Moore of
Berryville; one daughter, Linda Hilton of Texas; 18 grandchildren, 13
great-grandchildren, and other relatives and friends."

There was another child, Virginia Mae Moore Hudson, who was left out of the obituary.


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