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Marilyn A. Hudson, has a degree in history and in information and library studies from the University of Oklahoma.  She loved pouring over her mother's old family photos as a child and when she began to do research into family history always wanted to find the stories and the pictures.  In the process, she learned that people had largely forgotten their family stories, or only one line would be retold, while another line was forgotten.  Photos were usually of men or people in the twilight of their years ; forgotten were the eager young people with hopes, dreams, and wild side.

Connecting diverse, fragmented, and disconnected people to the larger miracle of the human experience their ancestor experienced became a cause.

In over thirty years of collecting family history, many people shared, shared, shared.  Twice and three times photocopied images, told and retold tales, and incomplete facts and twisted information.  Yet, for future generations to rediscover connection and a sense of being part of the great chain of being, the stories must be told, the images shared, and the information corrected (if necessary).    


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