I am researching the parents of one Mary Ann King, nicknamed "Polly' (In fact her marriage record uses that name)who married Joseph REED in 1805 in Livingston Co., KY.
Subsequent family records indicate her birthplace was KY as well.

A family legend indicates she was an "aunt" to Daniel Boone. "Aunt" during that time period could refer to a married woman of a particular relationship and not the sense we use today. I find that there is a King who married a daughter of Boone's youngest sister, Hannah BOONE STEWART. Her birthdate, place, and husband are all wrong. However, not enough is known yet about the family of her father, James KING to identify his possible sisters.....

I have seen mention, but have found no records yet, that another KING a generation further back married one of Daniel BOONE's cousins(?). This too, could be an explanation for the family legend.

My Mary Ann "Polly" King b. 2 Oct. 1786, KY md. Joseph REED 6 Sept. 1805 and died 8 Feb 1843, Clarksville, Red River Co., TX.

Her children (names can sometimes provide clues to parentage):
Sarah King Reed
Jane Reed
Hannah Reed (note this name and the above scenerios)
Mary Ann Reed TERRY (res. Ark and Mo)
Margaret K. Reed
Katherine C. Reed
Polly Reed
Lucinda King Reed TERRY (res. Ark, TX)
John Reed
Malinda Reed
Joseph Reed
James Reed

Family legend also indicates that she or her husband were members of the Cumberland Presyb. Church. On that denomination's website was a bio of a very early minister named Samuel King in TN. There may be a connection there as well... he is mentioned in reference to another early minister, Finis Ewing. That name shows up in the family of one of this Mary KING Reed's daughters: Finis Ewen TERRY. Maybe just honoring a minister once heard....but you never know.

The Samuel may be a similar respect connection only, but the website is worth a visit as it does include a family line on him so others researching this name may be interested in it.

I am interested in hearing from anyone with information on the KING family in that KY location at that time. Also, anyone with data on the KING marriages into the extended BOONE family.

Many King families appeared to have followed Mary REED KING's family as they went south into Arkasas (NW), Oklahoma (SE ca 1818), Missouri,and into Texas (ca 1838-).

Since this group was very "connectional" and had a habit of moving "en masse" with lots of kin providing a supportive network, marrying "cousins" at times...they may all be related.

If you have knowledge about a KING and BOONE family relationship please contact me so I can sort this out and determine if the family legend is true or not.

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