From L.E. Boyd (West Monrow, NY - 2002) and two other researchers, originally copy sent to me in 1992.
Boyd Family History, 1911,
by Genevieve Boyd Smith, Ellen Boyd and Bertha Boyd

"William Boyd, the first of our ancestors of whom we have any record,was born at Lynchen, County Down, Ireland on March 24, 1768. He always lived with his grandfather. He was a college man and was also an engraver and slater by trade. Some say he was also a civil engineer. He has been discribed as gentle and scholarly.

He was first married when quite young to Peggy COOPER. She soon died leaving one child a daughter named Jane who lived with her mother'speople and is supposed to have died soon after her father came toAmerica.

For his second wife, William Boyd married Elizabeth Carson. He always called her Betty.

To them were born ten children: seven girls and three boys. The two oldest, Margaret and Ann died in Ireland. Next came Hans and then Ann and Margaret named for the lost ones. Then another Jane, and William,Mary, Samuel, and Elizabeth.

Elizabeth Carson Boyd had a brother Samuel Carson of "Iauint ne glar,[spelling unclear] " County Down, Ireland, and a sister Molly Carson who married James CRAWFORD the son of William Boyd's sister [note: no sister is named here] and there is still in existence a letter written by their son, James Crawford of Pittsburgh, to his uncle Wm Boyd of Greenfield, Erie County in 1847, in which he relates some interesting facts about his family. [note: no letter has been seen by thisresearcher].

Elizabeth Boyd's father Samuel Carson Sr. had six sisters one of whom married a BEATY, one a DUNCAN, one a JOHNSON, one A GRAHAM, and onemarried a TATE, and lived in Erie Co., PA and the sixth sister married a FINLEY and were first settlers at Finley's Lake N.Y.

William Boyd was a Protestant and belonged to a certain sect called Croppies because they wore their hair short while the custom of those days was to wear it long. But it seems he did not care to wear his cut and being high in the councils of his church and a high officer in some of the wars between Protestants and Catholics he was allowed to wear it as he liked.

He seems to have been quite a wealthy man in Ireland and to have made a good deal of money by working at his trade both at home in Scotland, but the religious troubles continuing, also troubles with England, made life were unpleasant, and he also having trouble over some property he finally decided to come to America if it were possible to get safely away which he was finally enabled to fo although at one time it was only his long hair that saved him.

They sailed from Belfast probably in January 1819 when the youngest son James was about three months old. For a time, it was thought theywould make the quickest voyage known at that time, but when over halfway across, storms came up and blew them off their course and it was weeks before they got back on it again.

In the meantime, measles had broken out on board ship and the seven children of William and Elizabeth all took them. From the first, William and Mary were very sick and they finally died and were buried in the ocean.

They landed at Baltimore where they had a cousin named Peter Boyd,about the first of May after being on the ocean about three months.

The next we learn of them they had brought an improved farm in southern Pennsylvannia near York. Here they had a two story hosue and good barns but they had been in possesion but a short time when the buildings were all burned by an enemy of the former owner who did not know of the trasnfer of property. Practically everything belonging tothe family was burned. Hans, the oldest son got out one large sachel in which the clothing was usually kept, but the clothing had been removed to air so all was burned.

Soon after this the farm was sold at a great loss and the family removed to Finley's Lake in Chautauqua County N.Y. where the aunt Nancy Carson Finley lived.

They settled on what was known as the Berry place and lived there for some time...

Author: Genevvieve Boyd Smith, Ellen Boyd or Bertha Boyd
Title: A handwritten account of the lineage and history of the family ofWilliam Boyd, born 1768 in County Down, Ireland, his immigration toBaltimore, and his settling in Erie County, Pa. Publication: 1911 (unpublished mss.)

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