Issac Brown - DNA UPDATE

Born in Scotland, came to American ca, 1820....believed to have changed his name and had originally been member of a protectorate family of the Clan Campbell of Breadlebane .

Isaac H. BROWN was born in 1806 in Scotland. He died after 1880 in MO. According to family stories, Isaac Brown was from Scotland. He ran away from an apprenticeship at the age of 14 years and came to America. That would have been about 1820. Some time later while fighting Indians, he was wounded and left for dead. He was found and nursed back to health by a tribe of peaceful Cherokees. As a result of his living with the tribe he married the daughter of a 'chief', Washtella. Fearing he might have to leave his new home he changed his name to Brown. It is not presently established what his name was originally.

He was married to Mary MOONEY about 1828 in TN. Children were: Ptolema Philadelphus BROWN, Juan Ferdnand BROWN , Archimides BROWN, Selticana BROWN, Lycourgus BROWN, Elsimora BROWN, Metrabar James BROWN, Mary BROWN, Marcellus BROWN, Fascilina BROWN, Marcius Sabines BROWN, Leonides Hannibal BROWN.

NOTE: A male child of a female descendent of this Brown family was tested for DNA and the Haplogroup identified for the female descendent was U5a1a1.

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