"My grandfather was born in Tennessee," recalled Velma Dora Cochren Terry, "was part Cherokee Indian. When he came to Kansas, he came in a covered wagon, Indians were living all through the prairie states, buffalo roamed everywhere at this time. He settled in Sylvia, Ks and lived in or around there until he died. He was cJustify Fullrippled since he was in his late teens, kicked by a horse, walked with a cane for years. He could drink coffee as hot as anyone could make it. He was an impatient and gruff person, all us grandchildren were a littleafaid of him. " Her sister, Elva Cochren Merry, remembered, "He loved soda crackers, he would fill a plate and have a cup of coffee or hot tea. That was a snack for him. He was pretty grumpy, maybe from pain in his leg from an early injury, but once some of the children and grandchildren were playing and running around through the house. He told them to stop their noise and foolry. They did not listen and the next circuit they made through the house and his chair, he just set his cane out and tripped the first ones. They listened after that!"

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