L.W. Brown 1849-1900

Two forms of this name have come down through families of Brown descendents. One line had the name as LIBERTADES WARE BROWN, b. Feb. 11,1849, Texas County, Missouri and died May 13, 1900.  The other line, direct descendents of this man, have the name as  LIBETHRIDES WARE BROWN OR 'BETH'. 

This Brown family had the tendency to name their children for figures from classical history, mysthology or notable geographical locations.  "Libethrides" =  Also known as 'nymphae Libethrides' was the name of the Muses in Greek mythology, one thought to have been derived from the well Libethra in Thrace.  [the other name“Libertades” also filled the bill in the name pattern since it is the plural form of the Spanish term for liberty. This would have been right after the Mexican American War of 1846. ] “Ware”= This may refer to 1) the name of his father , 2) it may also as likely be a reference to an author of a popular writing of the day, one Joseph Ware, author of The Emigrant’s Guide to New Mexico, California, and Oregon; giving the different overland and sea routes (1849), or 3) an unknown source or significance. *

According to his descendents, "Beth", as he preffered being known,  was a grandchild of Isaac and Mary Moony Brown. The Brown's oldest daughter, Juan Fernandez Brown, became pregnant while unwed, and this baby was born illegitimately.

His mother is JUAN FERNANDEZ BROWN, b. 1831, Davidson County, Tennessee; d. March 07, 1854, Texas County, Missouri. "Juan" – may refer to the explorer Juan de Categena with Magellan.* "Ferdinand" – may refer to the explorer Ferdinand Magellan. Also, an island chain made famous in the story of Robinson Crusoe.  His father is unknown.  His mother married a local widower, George Bradford,  and died in childbirth with their first child. As a result, it is believed he was then raised by his grandparents, Isaac Haire Brown and wife Mary (possibly Mooney) Brown.

He had a close, brotherly relationship with Marcus Sabine Brown aka "Bine".  Originally, Beth and Bine were said to be brothers; however, that was incorrect; instead, Beth was the nephew of Bine. 

Beth's marriage to Nancy E. Johnson took place on Oct 18, 1869, and 11 children were produced.1) William H.; 2)John Allen(m: Mary B. Eaves); 3)Samuel M.; 4)Isaac Haire (B: July 11, 1872, D: July 24, 1934); 5)Leonides; 6)Francis; 7) Lenora (m:August Wallis and m: _ Smith); 8) Sarah Jane (m: George H. Watkins); 9) Iva (m: Ed C. Kitchen); 10) Mary Malena C. Johns; and 11) Miss Louise.

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