I  have only a few memories of the rare vacation into the mountains of Wyoming, but the ones I do have stayed with me as clear and crisp emotions as well as images.  I do not recall the cabin itself, where I slept, or even who all was with us.  What I do remember is a closet shelf, mandatory ceiling light shining bright and a soft yellow blanket with satin ribbon binding.  I thought it was the most beautiful and soft thing I had ever felt. I wanted to sleep with it so bad.   You have to understand that blankets  for many people were not the new mass-produced luxury items but were heavy, course things recycled from the military (thin and rough!) or home made quilts out of recycled corduroy, denim, or heavy twill (quasi quilted or tied with yarn).  These tended to be in the various hues of brown, gray, dark, and drab.  No cheerful yellows....and none as soft as the blanket in the closet with its shiny border.   To this day, sometimes when I see a soft, soft blanket or see one in that particular soft warm butter yellow...I remember that one moment of seeing the most beautiful sight in the world. Forget those purple mountains majesty, that rich sapphire blue glacier lake or the fragrant green pine trees....the most lovely was that soft yellow blanket in a mountain cabin as a five year old.

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