Cabbage Patch People

Inserting data into Ancestry nearly a year ago, I had great hopes on making connections on some lines that had been persistent dead ends.  I have watched leaves bloom over numerous lines....but  never those particular lines.  Out of all of the millions of bits of records represented by that particular database I am disppointed.  I fear that those lines may have been reinventing themselves...and the reason they have no links is that they did not exist until they took that name or assumed that identity. Many did this. People starting new lives in a new land or region; people escaping from a negative past; escaping from mistakes, repercussions, or just desserts or people just waking up one day and realizing they could become someone else and that person might be luckier in business or love.   They are the 'Cabbage Patch' people: they merely appeared one day without benefit of parents or other ancestors.

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