P.P. Brown wearing G.A.R. Medal of membership

Grand Army of the Republic Civil War Veterans Organization.
Ptolemy Philadelphus Brown (son of Isaac H. Brown and Mary Brown) was born August 30, 1829 in Warren County, TN, and died November 02, 1903 in St. James, MO. He married Martha Ann Womack on February 07, 1850 in Warren County, TN, daughter (?) of Burgess Harrelson Womack and Sarah Webb. Family legend states he was opposed to slavery and that placed him in opposition to his wife's family and led to a disenfranchisement of them with her family. He served in the Civil War while living in northern Arkansas and may have been a scout. It is said in a letter that the Confederates has a rope ready if they ever caught him.
He signed the letter in "F.C. and L" significant to the G.A.R.
Children of Ptolemy Philadelphus Brown and Martha Ann Womack are:
+Mary Lavonia Brown, b. November 09, 1850, Warren County, TN, d. October 08, 1945, Phelps County, MO.
+Burgess Franklin Brown, b. August 05, 1854, TN, d. January 19, 1942, Hutchinson, KS
+Sarah Lavinia BROWN,
+Isaac Denton BROWN,
+Harold Lycurgus BROWN,
+George Mithrio BROWN,
+Clinton Marcellus BROWN,
+Felix Grundy BROWN

A note about the name: The name from records and family records is "Ptolemy Philadelphus" and he was named for the famous Roman. Many of the children of Issac Brown bear strikingly classical names indicating the family was well-educated and well read.

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